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Mastery Learning
Mastery learning is based on the concept that all students can learn when provided with conditions appropriate to their situation. The student must reach a predetermined level of mastery on one unit before they are allowed to progress to the next. In a mastery learning setting, students are given specific feedback about their learning progress at regular intervals throughout the instructional period. This feedback, helps students identify what they have learned well and what they have not learned well. Areas that were not learned well are allotted more time to achieve mastery. Only grades above 80% are permitted because these are the minimum accepted standards of mastery. Mastery learning keeps mastery constant and allows time to vary.

Acellus delivers short video lessons taught by some of our nation's greatest teachers. Practice problems are then given to assess understanding of the concept taught. Students move through the lessons at their own pace.
Using Deficiency Diagnostics (DD), Acellus assesses areas of student weakness and gives more help and practice in these areas – further customizing the learning process and filling in holes in students' understanding for a strong learning foundation.

Student’s Responsibilities: Daily - Bring Math Notebook (3-ring binder), pencils, erasers, highlighters (h2o based) take organized notes, ask questions after using the Acellus tutorial, and work conscientiously. Don’t slack and try to cram a month’s worth of work into a weekend!!!

Course Credit: Since Acellus courses are self-paced, it is possible that a student could work the entire year and only receive ½ credit for the course. It is also possible that a student could finish 2 or more courses in a year and earn more than one credit. Each course has minimum requirements to earn credit based on mastery of the course. See individual class pages for requirements for credits.

Grading: Daily assignments and homework are graded within the Acellus program and transferred to Campus on a bi-weekly basis. Since this is an accumulated average grade, grades within Campus are not averaged. Each week, when the latest grades are entered, the previous week’s grade is made inactive. To see a student’s actual grades on assignments, please log in to Acellus at WWW.Acellus.com:
  1. Sign in
  2. Select your class
  3. Select Score
  4. Select your class again. Here you will see all the lessons and the scores received on each lesson.

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